As we were searching for the most reliable and serious information on breast enlargement, we were surprised at how much of it there is. At times, it was difficult to check certain facts and figures but we still made sure you receive the up-to-date useful information and best breast augmentation photos you need.

So, here you will find information that will be quite useful to understand the process of bust enlargement better.  We included things like the way human breasts develop, breast augmentation pictures, as well as breast enhancement herbal ingredients that seem to work best for everyone.

Breast Growth: How It Happens

Our breasts develop due to a very interesting hormone called estrogen. While, for example, testosterone is considered to be a “male” hormone, estrogen is the “female” one. When girls enter the period of their puberty, our pituitary gland starts to produce large quantities of estrogen that goes on to interact with other hormones in the body. The key hormone that estrogen interacts with is prolactin which determines the size and the speed of growth of your breasts. At that point, some girls whose period of growth is not finished start dreaming about breast enhancement surgery and secretly view breast augmentation photos.

When the puberty period is over, the levels of estrogen and other hormones start to decrease. They will go up again when the woman is pregnant. At that point, the breasts reach their final size and later can be increased with the help of breast enlargement surgery, push-up bra or boob enlargement supplements. Another way it can happen in pregnancy during which breasts might swell and enlarge by themselves.

However, the estrogen level is not the only factor. There are several more, such as genetic predisposition, eating habits, the style of life and the environmental situation. Still, the rule remains: the more estrogen there is, the fuller the breasts become.

How Herbal Breast Enlargement Pills Work

Most herbal breast enhancement products have the following strategy: they stimulate the production of estrogen by causing certain receptors in your breasts to function more intensively. The ingredients responsible for that are called phytoestrogens and they are found nearly in every breast enhancement pill on the market. The truth is, phytoestrogens have the same function as the “female hormone” but for plants. When they function in our body, they make it believe the levels of estrogen are low and need to be increased. The glandular tissue starts to grow making the enlargement of breasts possible.
As we were investigating the amazing world of bust enlargement therapies, breast augmentation pictures and facts on breast enlargement surgery, we discovered an interesting fact: all the best breast augmentation products contain certain key ingredients that seem to do all the work for breast enhancement. These are:

•  Fenugreek
•  Dong Quai
•  Fennel Seed
•  Blessed Thistle
•  Kelp

Of course, we couldn’t include all the ingredients present in all the breast enhancement pills but they are supposed to give you a general idea about the plants and components you should be looking for to achieve maximum enlargement of the breasts.