The following testimonials have been published with the expressed consent of satisfied users. According to users’ request for protection of personal privacy, names have been changed. As of December 15, we have received 882 positive testimonials from satisfied users of DermaBreast products with varying degrees of success. Among them 287 reported an increase in cup size from A to C. As it involves their personal privacy, most users reserve their rights not to have their personal experiences published online. Meanwhile, we continue to welcome feedback and testimonials from all satisfied Dermabreast customers and hope that more will share their success stories online.

Mrs.Chris (London), Age of 29

“I am one of those women plagued with poor physical development. Although healthy, I am greatly dissatisfied with my less than well-endowed chest, as such I am always on the lookout for suitable breast enhancement products. Once a well- endowed colleague let slip the secret of her beautiful, healthy breasts – DermaBreast herbal breast enhancement products. Wanting to know more, I checked out the DermaBreast website and was persuaded by the wealth of information available to give it a try. After consulting the friendly salesperson through the phone, I bought the DermaBreast Package 1 for a 3-month trial.

After two weeks of use, my breasts started to feel warm all the time but there were no noticeable results, though I begin to enjoy better sleep. Still, I persisted with the product and after the second month, I could feel my breasts slowly becoming perkier and fuller. I was overjoyed. I am still using this wonderful product, hopefully, I am able to increase a full cup size. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this wonderful product, it has helped me realize my dreams.”

Charlet CA, Age of 38

“I am a 38-year-old mother of 3. During the past 6 months, I have managed to lose 15 lbs through a strict regime of gym workouts and dieting. Though I managed to lose the extra pounds evenly, to my horror, my breasts shrunk. Due to breastfeeding, my breasts were already sagging, to begin with; now that they have shrunk my self-confidence took a big hit. While surfing the net casually, I inadvertently came across the DermaBreast website and read the useful information available on the website. I was skeptical at first, but after speaking to the knowledgeable and friendly sales person I learned more about the benefits of the natural herb-based DermaBreast products. I bought 3 months worth of DermaBreast products to give it a try. At the end of the second month, the results begin to show. Not only has my breasts become fuller, firmer and denser, and even gained a full cup size; my skin too became smooth and radiant. I feel more womanly than ever before and my hubby has also noticed the positive change in me. I am grateful for this wonderful product and have ordered four more months worth of products. Thank you once again.”

Kim (Taiwan ), Age of 32

“DermaBreast?? Never heard of it before. Could it really be effective? These were my first impressions of DermaBreast products. But it has given me positive breast enhancing results and helped me to feel like a woman again. I work in the public relations line and the image is everything. Having small, slightly saggy breasts does not help at all. My friends recommended DermaBreast products to me, 4 months after using the products my breasts felt firmer, fuller, smoother and even gained one cup size. DermaBreast is the only effective product that has helped me. Yes, sometimes miracles do happen. Thank you, DermaBreast.”

Gloria (Las Vegas, NV), Age of 27

“I have told friends about the positive changes DermaBreast products made in my life. I used to be 32A- and have always dreamed of having a sexy, well-endowed bosom. I have tried many products without success until I tried DermaBreast products. At the end of the first month, I grew from 32A- to 32A+. I can still feel my bosom growing and can’t wait to become a B-cup. Though the changes are as quick as I would like it to be, I do not expect phenomenal results as I have been informed that it can take up to 4 months before I can see noticeable changes to my bosom. Still, I am very pleased with my present results and shall patiently wait for better results. Thank you DermaBreasts for giving me a beautiful and sexy figure.”

Sophia A. C. N (Australia), Age of 43

“Good news! When I stretch, there’s no more sensitive skin. My skin condition has improved; it’s not that dry anymore. Really thank you so much. Wearing cotton clothing doesn’t give me the itch anymore. I’m hoping that in the coming months, my breast would continue to show improvements. Thank you once again!”

Monica (Holland), Age of 24

“Dermabreast Serum really makes my breast fuller. I feel more feminine and sexier now! My boyfriend is over the moon! Thank you!”

Regina Tay (Singapore), Age of 33

“I have, many times, considered breast implants, but the thought of surgery always scared me. I tried your product and hoped it would be the answer I’ve been searching for. Well, I am glad your effective products had crossed out the surgical idea.”

Anna Poh (Singapore)

“As most people thought only through surgical method could enhance a woman’s breast. Then I tried DermaBreast, the result was extraordinary and for the first time I had deeper cleavage.”

Isabel Mathal (Singapore), Age of 36

“My breast shrunk from B to A cup after breastfeeding my 2 kids. DermaBreast regained my breast fullness within weeks and nobody believes I am a mother of 2.”

Wang Ying (China), Age of 40

“Dermabreast Serum is too good to be true. I can feel the effects now!”